Weekend project

I have been working a little project for all if you this weekend. Here is a little hint: Any guesses?

Doggie Stories

Rasc strikes again!

It seems like it never fails every time I have a detailed plan I what I am going to do for the day my little man finds a way to mess it up. I came in the family room after vacuuming the bedrooms to find this: Rasc decided to chew the blinds and not only… Continue reading Rasc strikes again!

Home Improvement

Not a complete bust

This past weekend we spent a ton of time at Lowe's and somehow managed to not get a single thing that we were there for. It wasn't a complete waste of time though. I did mange to find this water pitcher in the garden section. It is actually a planter believe it or not but… Continue reading Not a complete bust

Doggie Stories

Two cups of caffeine with a shot of adrenaline

Anyone ever have that moment where your heart sinks and panic strikes? Well that I what I had when I went out to get the mail. I looked back at the garage and noticed the door wide open with only one face staring at me. The face staring at was a big sad sweet face… Continue reading Two cups of caffeine with a shot of adrenaline


Only an engineer could love this

On a recent business trip the hotel I was staying at had all this amazing funky decor. My favorite piece was this bowl right outside the elevator. The bowl is made out of metal nuts welded together. Sure this one is missing a few pieces but in my opinion it adds character. I wonder if… Continue reading Only an engineer could love this


It still exists!

I was just hoping that one of my old blogs still existed and lucky me one of them still did! Not only did it still exist but it was a clean slate and didn't have anything posted to it yet. It is just what I need! I am not crazy about the name of this… Continue reading It still exists!