Golden Candle Sticks

When my fiancé and I purchased our first home almost a year ago my grandma gave me this pair of candle stick holders that I use to be fascinated with when I was younger. Yikes! I didn't know what to say but I think my face did and I am pretty sure my face said… Continue reading Golden Candle Sticks

Doggie Stories

I tried to be good….

Since we had a busy weekend and my only projects this weekend were opening the family pools and picking up patio furniture from a family member, I have no good post for you this week. Instead I will leave you with this funny photo that I feel describes my little boy perfectly. I'm not sure… Continue reading I tried to be good….



Who has a bunch of old candles laying around shoved in some cupboard or closet because you're going to use them later or so you tell yourself? You tell yourself that the glass jar will make a wonderful vase or storage container. Yet you don't feel like dealing with digging the wax out or are… Continue reading Repurposed