Rag Quilt

Baby Boy and Super Hero

It’s been a wet rainy week here. What about where you are at? All this rain has given me the chance to clean house and get things together to post here. One thing that I was able to complete was the super hero rag quilt and the baby boy rag quilt. I absolutely love this… Continue reading Baby Boy and Super Hero

Rag Quilt

Vintage with a Touch of Modern

I know I promised pictures of my rag quilts weeks ago but the weather has been to nice to sit on the computer. I know lame, but understand I sit at a computer eight hours out the day already the last thing I want to do when I get home is sit at the computer… Continue reading Vintage with a Touch of Modern

Doggie Stories

Bad weekend for the furry childern

Well, so much for getting an update done this weekend. It was just to nice outside. This weekends beauty didn't come without hiccups though. First I attempted to bath Jay, outside of course, and he saw this as playtime instead. Needless to say he end up being outside too long (I am still not sure… Continue reading Bad weekend for the furry childern