Baby Shower Present

My future sister-in-law had her baby shower this past weekend. Her shower was lovely and I really wish I had taken pictures but I forgot my camera and my phone died after only being there for five minutes. (I guess I forgot to change it.)
For my gift I decided to something a little special for her and my nephew. I gave her a baby rag quilt, 3 homemade burp clothes, and my favorite book.

I found the tutorial to do burp clothes at Life With My Littles
Her tutorial is super easy! I had never worked with Minky or Chenille fabric before so needless to say my first attempt was disastrous!!! I ended up ripping the whole thing apart and trying it again. I got a little better with each one I made. I only ended up having time to make three but I plan on make some more for her and for my cousin. Hopefully I will be good at it by the time I’m done. My tip when working with soft or cuddly fabrics like minky or chenille: use lots and I mean LOTS of pins!
The book I gave her is my go to baby shower/gift book, Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney.

My mom used to read it to my brother all the time and it became a favorite after hearing it so many times. You can find it on Amazon or at any place that sells children’s books.
Well that’s it for now I really need to finish the rag quilt my cousin won during Christmas first than maybe I’ll attempt more burp clothes! 🙂


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