Impending Snow Storm

Up here we have an impending snow storm for this weekend. Which seems to be growing in size every time the news comes on. (Watch it be just a few inches or miss us completely) Another snow storm means I’ll be stuck inside the house for the weekend. That can be a good and bad thing. I go stir crazy when I well stuck at home but it should offer me a good amount of craft time. I can work on making up lost time on my cousins quilt, attempt a candle making project, and some cricut stuff I need to do.

Ok, let’s be honest I probably won’t get too much done but a girl can be ambitious! I would love to finish off a few projects but I know the boys will be restless and need attention and I will end up cleaning the house. Not to mention I have no clue what I am doing when it comes to making candles so that will be a slow adventure. I have never used a cricut before either so I have to figure out how to use that and how to print and than cut. Ekk! It’s going to be fun! Now who wants to help? I’m going to need it.

Did I mention I found all my Mason jars and the candle stuff will be here tomorrow!?!?!? Beyond excited!


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