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Timber and Leaf Rag Quilt

One of my all time favorite quilts is this adorable rag quilt. All but the cream fabric came from Timber and Leave by Sarah Watts. I originally had my husband in mind when I made it but it has ended up living in my living room as communal property cause I just couldn’t let it… Continue reading Timber and Leaf Rag Quilt

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Notting Hill Rag Quilt

This rag quilt was 100% selfish sewing that three years later I am finally getting around to photographing. I fell in love with Joel Dewberry’s Notting Hill in pink right away. As much as I love this fabric and did all the quilt prep it still took me months to actually sew it. Since it… Continue reading Notting Hill Rag Quilt

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Blue and Gray Baby Rag Quilt 

I love making baby quilts. They are quick and are perfect for when we just need some quick gratification in a completed project.  I made this sweet quilt for my cousin's sweet baby boy.  I just love the mix of blue and gray with the touch of yellow.     (Again,I forgot to get a… Continue reading Blue and Gray Baby Rag Quilt